RAYAVADEE: Remarkably Regale.

Food fit for Royalty.

In this oasis, one eats 'Breakfast like a King, and lunch like a Prince.'  

'Rayavadee' inherits its nomen from a legend where;  One day, two princesses sailed in a ship through stormy seas and the ship sank at the dawning of a full moon's night in the vincinal of Phra Nang which carries the meaning 'Princess Bay'.

It is believed that the 'blue spirits' of the princesses breezed into the grotto.

Today, settle for a seat in the Grotto of Rayavadee, with soft sands in between your toes while dining in this limestone cave restaurant by the blue Andaman Sea. You, too; will feel the presence of the princesses as you will be treated like one. No wonder this place gets into the Top10 list of best unique restaurants in the world. Remarkably regale indeed.

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