About Me


I'm Dada.

I am a collector.

Be it snowglobes, certificates, stamps on my passports;

I am a master of none, but definitely a dame of all trades.

Majoring in Product Design to Interior Design, to English Literature, to Montessori Education.

The saying 'You learn something new everyday' categorically applies to me. I am always enrolling into short courses that expands not only my certificates collection, but the experiences I gain along too!

A certificate of 'Master Cigar Roller' on rolling Cuban Cigars from Havana, to having credentials to First Aid during my Montessori days of being a directress, to becoming a Chocolatier at the Lindt Chocolate Making Class, to assembling your own Victorinox Swiss Knife, A record on being a Pilot during 'Pilot for a day lesson' -- to name a few.

As I wear plenty of hats, I am keen on my next Millinery program.

Apart from that, I am a proud share holder to the oldest Swiss Luxury Watch factory, http://www.duboisfils.ch where I am the ambassador to the timeless brand.

I am a passionate equestrian.

A resistant lefty who plays polo.

A carefree world traveller.

A lady of leisure.

The words I live by-- Life is so simple as everyday is a holiday, to just be in the arms of love& roam the world.

These are the makings of me.

I hope this blog inspires you to always wander with wonder. To always have your head in the clouds, but do keep your feet on the ground.

Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Instagram! @dadaherzogalattas

Let’s do something together.

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